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Registration Opens Monday March 26th

The on-line registration will officially open on Monday March 26th at 4PM for the following levels;

  • 8U/MITES

  Please register your player prior to the start of evaluations.  

Below is the 2018-2019 Hershey Jr. Bears Travel Hockey Program Guide.    It has everything you need to know and on behalf of the Board of Directors we look forward to seeing you at evaluations!

Best of success and LET'S - GO - BEARS!

AAHA Memo to Families

Attached is a memo from the AAHA President to families and clubs.


Mar 22, 2018 10:14 PM

To AAHA Hockey Families & Clubs, March 22, 2018

With the initial tryout season just getting underway, I have received a few questions and complaints regarding potential AAHA / USAH Tryout and Contracting Rule Violations. These alleged violations range from issuing and collecting of contracts prior to the allowable dates, improper tryout dates, and Club’s improper use and or claims of offering levels of play for which they were not approved to offer; i.e. Tier I, Tier II, AAA or AA.

A Disciplinary Panel is being convened to review the allegations and compelled to take appropriate but significant disciplinary actions, if deemed appropriate and based upon a preponderance of proof, against those Clubs and persons responsible if these rule violations have occurred.

We are strongly encouraging all families to be aware of the proper tryout dates, and approved offerings made by AAHA Clubs. Only those Clubs specifically approved by the AAHA may offer Tier I AAA 15P or 15 Only.  It is a level exclusively offered at Tier I, as directed by USA Hockey.

Approved Tier I AAA Clubs and their appropriate offerings at this time can be found at:

Approved Tier II AA Clubs are all current Tier II AA Clubs and newly approved Tier II Clubs can be found in the same page.

Only those Clubs designated by the AAHA may offer such levels for Tier I AAA and Tier II AA and are the only Clubs authorized to offer tryouts for such levels as indicated in the AAHA Approved

Tryout dates.

Official Tryout Dates can be found here:

12U, 10U – Tier I – Youth and Girls - March 21, 2018
12U, 10U – Tier II – Youth and Girls - March 26, 2018
12U, 10U – Independent teams – Youth and Girls - April 2, 2018
Please see the AAHA Website for all other approved Tryout Dates based upon age and level.

Most of our clubs in the AAHA understand the importance of following the rules, and do so with great care. Mistakes can be forgiven; however, blatant disregard deserves substantial consequences.

If you are aware of a potential violation, please contact me in writing at
Good luck during tryouts.

Glenn Hefferan

AAHA President

16AA(white) Advance to Nationals!

16AA (white) advance to Nationals after defeating Warwick in a best of 3 series!

The HJB's will head off to Wayne, NJ the week of April 5-9 for the opportunity of playing for the 2018 Youth Tier II National Championship!

Banquet Registration is CLOSED

Sorry folks!

The banquet registration is now closed.



Hershey Jr. Bears
8th Annual Banquet  2017-2018
Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
Wednesday March 28, 2018

6:00 pm      Doors Open and Registration


NOTICE: The 2017- 2018 USA Hockey confirmation number is  valid through 8/31/2018. If you are not registered with USA Hockey for 2017-18 and your evaluation is between 3/26 and 3/31, please complete the USA Hockey waiver-imr, which will cover your player until 3/31.  On April 1, 2018 you can then register with USA Hockey before the next evaluation.

USA Hockey Waiver (click for form) If not registered in 2017-18

USA Hockey Registration (click for form) If registered in 2017-18

2018-19 Travel Hockey Evaluations

Mites 2010-2012 – Half Ice
Tuesday March 27th 6:00PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Squirts 2008, 2009
Monday March 26th 6:00PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Monday April 2nd 6:00PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Pee Wee 2006, 2007
Monday March 26th 7:15PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Monday April 2nd 7:15PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Bantam 2004, 2005
Monday April 16th 6:00PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Wednesday April 18th 6:00PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Midget 16 - 2002, 2003
Monday April 16th 7:15PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Wednesday April 18th 7:15PM @ Hersheypark Arena


Midget 18 - 2000, 2001
Monday April 16th 8:30PM @ Hersheypark Arena

Wednesday April 18th 8:30PM @ Hersheypark Arena

GIRLS  10U, 12U
Wednesday April 11th 7:15PM @ Giant Center

Girls  14U, 16U, 19U
Thursday April 12th 7:15PM @ Giant Center

Hockey learn-to-skate!

Beginning Hockey skating classes are available!
These lessons are developed in conjunction with USA Hockey and will develop or strengthen the skills needed for beginning and advanced beginning players.  A look at the hockey curriculum is available clicking on the link below. 

In four badge levels, skaters will learn how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques for the game of hockey are the primary focus of the levels. All elements will be taught without a puck. Skaters will learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and other necessary fundamentals to be successful in hockey practices and game situations.

Necessary equipment: • Hockey skates • HECC Approved Hockey Helmet

Use this LTS registration link, (click)  for more information and be sure to select the Hockey Track when asked. 

Let's go bears!!!

HJB ONLINE STORE (click on above image)