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Hershey Jr Bears

New to Hockey? Let us Help!

By Admin, 12/14/22, 10:45AM EST


Progression Path for Youth Hockey Players with the HJBs

Do you have a child interested in hockey but do not where start?  Let the Hershey Jr Bears guide you through the process.  Whether your player is interested in just skating on the same ice as some of the greats or they are hoping to be the next NHL superstar, the HJBs have pathways for all levels.  You can use the guides below as a reference to your player's potential progression but if you have further questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

Advantages of Hershey Jr Bears Program over others nearby:

  1. Longest Hockey Tradition and program
  2. Playing at the two most amazing arenas in the United States with the Historic HersheyPark Arena and Giant Center
  3. Relationships with two stellar professional programs in the Hershey Bears and Hershey Cubs with potential player meet and greets as well assistance at practices and team skates. 
  4. Most HJB teams enjoy full ice practices which is unmatched with any other local program which typically has two or three teams on the ice at a time, limiting development.
  5. The House/Recreation program for the Hershey Jr Bears is extremely well organized and a perfect outlet for players looking to play the game they love.
  6. The Travel program offers elevated competition without the need for endless travel and endless amounts of games. Playing in the DVHL and supplemented EJHL hockey leagues the HJB travel teams enjoy a comfortable and competitive 30-40 game season with travel rarely exceeding 2-3 hours.  Why is this important? It allows our players to be well rounded individuals and pursue other interests even during the hockey season.  Whether they want to also compete with their middle or high school teams, or participate in music or social events, our travel program provides the development and the balance.
  7. One of the lowest costs (if not lowest) in the area to play.  In today's age we "shop" around and we encourage you to compare costs of our program to others and will find that you will get the most for your money here in Hershey.  


Click below for the HJB Player Progression Guide:
Hershey Jr Bears Progression Guide

Go Bears!