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Hershey Scholarship

Deadline approaching to play hockey for free!

By Admin 09/26/2022, 9:45am EDT

Deadline for applications to apply for J. Bruce Mckinney Scholarship 9/30!

Hershey Jr Bears Mites

HJB Weekend Ahead - 9/23

By Admin 09/23/2022, 9:00am EDT

Mite Madness, House League Completion, Squirt Winning Streak

Hershey Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate Sessions Filling Fast

By Admin 09/22/2022, 11:45am EDT

Can't Play Hockey if you Can't skate! Learn Now!

Hershey Bears Mites

Hershey House League Almost Full

By Admin 09/21/2022, 11:45am EDT

Hershey House League is Full except at the Mite and Pewee level

HJB Squirt Travel

DVHL Player of the Week - Cole Burger

By Admin 09/19/2022, 8:30am EDT

HJB Squirt Cole Burger DVHL Player Nomination.

Hershey Jr Bears Squirt Travel

HJB Weekend Ahead - 9/16

By Admin 09/16/2022, 2:45pm EDT

Hershey Jr Bear Squirt Travel off to NY

House League Draft Night

Hershey House Hockey

By Admin 09/14/2022, 2:45pm EDT

2022-23 House League Draft Night, Success!

Collin Stough Hired as Assoc Hockey Director

By HJB Webmaster 09/01/2022, 8:15am EDT

New Hockey Director for HJB

Play hockey, for free!

By HJB Webmaster 08/30/2022, 8:30am EDT

J. Bruce Mckinney Scholarship

Hershey House Program

2022-23 Registration for Hershey House League Program

By HJB Webmaster 08/01/2022, 8:45am EDT

2022-23 Hershey House Hockey Program

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Displaying Results 31 - 40 of 42